• pilates that TRANSFORMS you

    A new holistic Pilates approach to take your well-being to the next level.

    Your CORE is at the center of it all. Unleash the deep strength that’s already in you,

    and unlock your most aligned life.

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  • How It Works

    Start connecting to your CORE with these steps


    Book your 20-min CORE Consultation

    In this complimentary 30-minute call, we'll talk about your fitness history, your current CORE state and your ultimate wellness goals. We'll discover which plan is best for you to achieve the results you desire.


    Choose your program

    Choose the best program to meet your ultimate wellness goals - CORE Elevate (30-day), CORE Align (ongoing) or our group, online classes.


    Work (inside) out

    Learn how to work (inside) out and live in alignment with private Pilates sessions and a custom CORE Integration Plan. I'll guide you to the next level so you can live with vibrancy and ease.


    Elizabeth (NY)

    After the first session with Denise, one of my students approached me and told me that I looked taller!

    Overall, I feel like I can handle and manage the transitions in life easier after pilates.

    Lisa (NYC)

    Since taking Pilates with Denise on a regular basis, I feel strong and energized -ready to play in the park with my kids. Overall I am just a happier "me".

    Julie (NYC)

    As a spin instructor, I've noticed such a significant change in my strength and stamina on the bike. Practicing pilates with Denise has changed my career and my life!

    Barrie (NYC)

    Since working with Denise, my back pain is better, my back is straighter (I'm literally half an inch taller) and my overall strength has improved tremendously.

    Gayle (NYC)

    I can’t say enough laudatory things about Denise. I’m feeling so much better, moving more and getting comments that I look taller and more slender.


    Whether you run marathons, run your household or run a company, your CORE is at the center of it all – physically, mentally and spiritually.

    When you deeply connect to your CORE, everything becomes easier.

    How connected are you?


    Let's connect and talk about your CORE goals.

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