Denise digs deep into the concept of CORE - physically, mentally + spiritually. 

    What is the core?

    How to activate your core

    What state is your core in?

    Are you living in the periphery or core?

    How to slow down and connect to core

    How quickly can I get a strong core?

    Your core and balance

    Exercise less by working from your core

    3 ways to stay healthy in the summer

    Value 'doing enough' in your workouts

    How to value 'doing enough' in your diet

    When to ignore your fitness instructor

    When to take your workout to next level

    Permission and wellness: Part 1

    Permission and wellness: Part 2

    Permission and wellness: Part 3

    How to make your cardio workout better

    Wellness tip: diet + mood

    Pilates tip: how to do the 100's right.

    How to simplify your workout, mentally

    How to avoid neck pain in Pilates

    Is being sore a good thing?

    The best way to use core during cardio

    Why you should sweat this holiday season

    How a relaxed face can help your workouts

    3 easy way to get more energy today

    How being a follower can help your workout

    Denise's Thanksgiving wellness tips

    Denise's Turkey Trot tip

    3 step process to holiday wellness

    Holiday movement meditation (The Roll Up)

    Enjoy holiday foods without excess sugar

    Wind down with a Pilates Bridge during the holidays

    What is your supportive workout right now?

    Buff up your holiday shopping arms

    How to feel childlike during this season

    Perfect post-shopping stretch

    You're under the weather: to workout or not?

    New Year's Reflections + Revelations v Resolutions

    Slow and steady is key to a strong core

    15-min Pilates workout (10/31/17)

    Quick, easy summer Pilates workout

    15-min Pilates workout (8/18/17)

    15-min Pilates workout (6/23/17)

    Post cardio 15-min Pilates workout

    15-min Pilates workout (6/30/17)

    Permission focused Pilates workout

    15-min morning wakeup Pilates (11/3/17)

    Go deeper in your core work

    How to love your body as is and still workout

    Fitness and Finances:

    Investing in your health

    Prep for Spring Break from a place of self love

    7-min Core connected (aka flat abs) workout

    3 ways to motivate yourself to workout

    Move your body to change your mood

    Positive Body Affirmation

    It's Spring! Wake up and do something new

    10 Ways to spring clean your workout routine

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