• mYbod group Class Important info

    1) Make sure you've opted into email or text notifications to get class link

    When you signed up in our Mind Body Online scheduling system, you created a profile. In that profile you have the option to opt out of email communication. Please make sure you have opted into receiving reservation reminders. If you don't, you won't get the link to class.


    Here are the steps to change that if you are not getting reservation reminders:


    1) Go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/mainclass?studioid=33504&tg=&vt=&lvl=&stype=&view=&trn=0&page=&catid=&prodid=&date=2%2f13%2f2021&classid=0&prodGroupId=&sSU=&optForwardingLink=&qParam=&justloggedin=&nLgIn=&pMode=0&loc=1


    2) Select 'Profile' in your account


    3) Go to your 'Personal' section (name/address) and select 'Edit'


    4) Scroll down and make sure you've checked 'Email' or 'Text' boxes under 'Your Account' and 'Reminders and Schedule Changes'

    2) Recordings

    In order to receive a recording of a class you must pre-book the class. Please do not email us after the class and request the recording. All recordings expire 72 hours from the date of the class and will be sent by 5pm ET on the day of the class if you were not in attendance.

    3) Link to all MyBOD Group Classes

    The link for all MyBOD Zoom classes is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/978264634?pwd=ZGNMRllYbi8vKy81RGhRRnRYSVpYZz09


    You are required to pre-book your classes to attend but we advise keeping this link bookmarked so it's easy to find!

    4) If you have trouble joining the link

    Please try to log into class 5 minutes before class starts. If you have trouble logging in please email info@mybodwellness.com and leave your cell # or text 347-688-6543. We will try our best to get to you in time for class, but if we can't, we will send you the recording and if you are on the 4-pack plan, we can refund your class if you don't want the recording. PLEASE SEE TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS BELOW.

    5) Booking classes beyond the current month of membership

    Oh how we wish MindBodyOnline (our scheduling software) would let you book classes beyond the month of membership you are in! But, unfortunately, you can only book classes during the month your membership is currently active. So, for example, if you started your membership on Feburary 1st, you can book all of your February classes, BUT if you try to book a class on March 1 or after, even though your membership is recurring, you won't be able to book. You have to wait until March 1 (when your next billing cycle kicks in) to book your classes for March. Don't worry, since we are online, you will always get a spot!

    6) Cancelling or changing membership plans

    If you want to cancel or change your membership plan, you must do so 48 hours before your next billing cycle starts. We do not offer refunds for any month of membership once you've been billed for that month.

  • Troubleshooting Tips



    +Go to Zoom.us ---> Select 'Join a Meeting' ----> Enter meeting ID 978 264 634 and Passcode: 692536


    +Restart your computer


    +Make sure you have the the most updated browser (Firefox or Chrome are best)


    +Plug your computer into a power source


    +Place your laptop as close to the wireless router as possible or plug your computer directly into an ethernet cable rather than using WiFi


    +If using WiFi, make sure other in-home devices are shut off - if someone else is streaming videos during your call this might affect your experience.


    +Shut down all other programs, downloads or streaming on your computer




    +LAPTOP: When you get your Zoom link from your instructor, simply click the link 5 minutes before your call and you will be prompted to download a plugin if you have never used Zoom. You may also join a call by going to Zoom.us, selecting 'Find A Meeting' and entering the 9 digit meeting ID (in your Zoom invite).


    +TABLET or SMART PHONE: In order to join your Zoom call from your tablet or smartphone, you will first need to download the Zoom app in the app store.