• MyBOD Policies

    24 Hour Cancellation Policy

    MyBOD™ Wellness holds a firm 24-hour cancelation policy with no refund. If you have to cancel in less than 24-hours (even if it's 24 hours exactly), you may gift your scheduled session to a friend or family member. Please note that 24-hours means 24-hours, not 'the day before'. If your session is at 12pm on Wednesday, you must cancel before 12pm on Tuesday.

    45-minute Duet and Small Group Policies

    1) The above 24-hour cancellation policy applies to duet and small group classes.

    2) If you are the only scheduled member in a 45-minute duet or small group class, you are given the option to take a 30-min private or to upgrade to a 45-min private with an additional add-on fee. However, if you are the only member in the class because the other student/s late cancelled, you will be given the full 45-minute class (no extra charge).

    No Refund Policy

    MyBOD™ Wellness does not offer refunds on purchased packages. If for some reason you are unable to complete your package, you may gift the remainder of your package to a friend or family member. All packages must be completed before their expiration date.