• quick start guide

    Three easy steps.


    Set up your space

    Grab a mat, find a quiet space and turn up the lights! Place your computer, tablet or smartphone far enough from you so your instructor can see your body.

    Don't worry, we'll guide you through this when we see you!


    Set up your tech

    We use Zoom video conferencing for our live sessions. You will receive a link to your call via email from your instructor. If you are joining for the first time, be sure to download the plugin (if on a computer) or the app (if on a phone or tablet) before the call.

    For troubleshooting tips, see below.


    Set up your body

    Make sure to have your doctor's clearance before taking your session and be prepared to let your teacher know of any physical issues you might be experiencing.

    Wear something comfortable and we'll help you do the rest!