We believe Pilates is for EVERY body. And this is why.

    A man prating Pilates with an online instructor using a laptop in his living room

    It's sustainable.

    Pilates can be practiced from your teens into your 90s, from your office or in a studio. It's designed to evolve with your body and prevent injury, while being adaptable to whatever space you are in. You'll never have to stop doing Pilates.

    A woman doing Pilates with a laptop and an online instructor from her living room

    It doesn't require equipment.

    What? That's right. Contrary to what many people think, Pilates does not require equipment! Joseph Pilates created his method using his own body weight to build strength. After developing his mat work, he designed equipment to help people perform the mat work better.

    A woman practicing pilates in her living room with an online instructor with her tablet

    It's a holistic, mind/body workout.

    Unlike spinning, running or sports that are repetitive in motion, Pilates focuses on moving all parts of your body. It requires concentration and focus and offers a holistic physical experience that leaves you balanced and centered.

    A woman on a rooftop terrace practicing  Pilates with an online instructor using a laptop

    It strengthens your core like NO other technique (without leaving you sore).

    No matter what fitness level you are, Pilates will take you to a level of core strength you have never felt before. Professional athletes and dancers have relied on Pilates for decades because of its unique core strengthening method. In addition, 'soreness' is not part of the equation.

    A woman in a gym lifting free weights

    It makes everything you do easier.

    Because it develops your core like no other technique and doesn't deplete you, everything you do becomes easier. Whether it's running a faster mile, picking up your toddler while carrying groceries or sitting through a long meeting, Pilates makes it feel like it's no big deal.

    A woman practicing Pilates on a rooftop terrace in the city

    It gives you a 'Pilates body.'

    In addition to giving you ultimate inner strength, Pilates gives you the outer 'Pilates body' - long lines, a stately posture and a slim waistline. Clients often talk about losing inches and getting taller.

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